October 17, 2010

because you tread on my dreams

I love it when I make sense, but the older I get the more exhilarated I feel when other people make sense.  It's reassuring, you know? 

For example, I could get a little giddy over this Sir Ken Robinson fellow insisting to a huge audience of movers and shakers at TED that education "is not linear, it's organic," and,  "a three-year-old is not half a six-year-old," and several other choice commonsensical utterings besides.

Goodness me, if he doesn't watch where he's going with that, he might find himself spouting something really off-the-wall like "education is a life" and "children are born persons."   Because in my experience, once you've let a couple of crazy ideas like that come home to roost, you never know what might hatch next.  Just ask my kids.

I should perhaps disclaim that were Sir Ken and I to settle in over a nice plum crumble and try to agree on where to go next with his revolutionary ideas about modern education, we might not get very far before we came to a parting of the ways.  I really don't know enough about him to speculate.  But I'll walk with him as far as he goes in these few brief comments. 

See what you think.  It's short, so you can easily give it a listen while boiling the eggs and pinching back the mums.  If nothing else, you'll get to hear an Englishman read Yeats.  Which is loveliness.


amy in peru said...

um. yes to all of the above. all of that about education being a life, children being persons and englishman reading Yeats.

and you are funny.

and I like you.


amy in peru

and ps. I like your AO button (round) I am really liking the modern take on the growing oh so common...

Megan said...

I know - Ken Robinson is AWESOME. I discovered him a few months ago when a friend sent me a link to one of his talks. I'm with you though - I think I disagree with him about just about every solution he comes up with for fixing public education. Then again, he is a fan of homeschool. Here's a link to the one I saw - http://theapplegatemavys.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/speaking-of-education/