September 25, 2010

the board of education - september edition

It's fall already.  And just look, there's our kitchen white board over in the corner still wearing the faded quotes of summer.  So once again, before I wickedly erase the treasured collection of wit and wisdom collected thereon, I shall document all of it here.  I will even toss in, for free, a few bonus quotes from the banter presently flying through the air in my kitchen even as I type:

"Feed the eggs that hatch; eat the ones that don't."
(Matt Bell's brilliant attempt to create a proverbial saying.)

"Schooling is a hand-me-down thing."
(Justin, reflecting deeply on the nature of education.)

"Oh, go fly a kite.  And don't try to tie the kite to Aristotle." 
(Claire's benevolent advice for a brainy but chronically uptight acquaintance.  Might be my favorite Claire-ism ever.)

"The arts are not meant to be efficient.  Take dancing, for instance.  Not a very good way to get from point A to point B.  It's rather like... fictional walking."
(Dr. Turner, Caitlin's Rather Important literature professor; quite the erudite Englishman.)

"I once tried to quit Diet Coke by eating... cold turkey."
(Dear, dear Lara, who is sometimes a little confused.  Bless her heart.)

"I'd rather be a zephyr than a dune."
(Justin.  Honestly, I have no idea.  But I'm afraid it means something.)

"I wish I could remember who I jumped in front of that bus for."
(Claire again. Don't worry; it was a dream.)

"Uhh, why did I put the brownie batter in the oven?  It was a bad choice."
(Claire, fighting Hayden for the beaters.)

And here's Justin making up a song while waiting for Claire's brownies to cook:
"I dream of facts coming from a factory.  I dream of deer eating Venice.  I dream of little people having spa treatments in a glass of water.  I dream of rainbows having ants marching on them.  I dream of lions having colds.  I dream of pumas having a hoedown with impalas.  I dream of Pink Panther actually knowing a language..."

And so on.

Now we start again, with a clean slate, as they say.  And a pan of half-baked brownie batter.


Matt said...

Oh man, I forgot all about that first one. I'm a genius! And Justin's song... holy cow. We need to get that boy in a recording studio.

Margaretta said...

um Justin. that was brilliant.

Laura A said...

Wow, this just beats our magnet door all to pieces! I love the synergy of it ;-). It reflects a fun household, I suspect!