November 15, 2007

Such An One


Old Spud has been in Fine Form of late. Here are some recent episodes of his wit and erudition:

On being asked by yours truly to go out back and fetch firewood: "Will you come lady the door for me?"


One day the three of us sibling types were Out And Abouting with Elwood P. Dowd. We drove down our street to discover four cars parked in front of our house, whereupon Beatrice remarked, "We look like such Republicans!" Spud picked up the idea, echoing her statement with gusto. I was little surprised at the evident conviction he felt about the subject. I mean, yes: cars, Republicans, they kind of go together. But how would Spuddy know that, I wondered? Ha. Silly me. How could I doubt the pop-culture awareness of the child who knows all about Matt Damon? But anyway, being fond of using such opportunities to impart knowledge, I felt the need to inquire into this little preconception, and possibly even introduce the blighter to the world of political culture if the ensuing discussion went well.

Little Did She Know.

Fa: "So, why does having a lot of cars make you look Republican?"

Spud: "Because Republicans have a lot of parties."

Fa, surprised: "They what?"

Spud, wearily: "Republicans have lots of parties. Everyone knows that."

Fa, beginning to rethink the imparting knowledge thing: "Who said? Where did you hear this?"

Spud, with Knowing Air: "I read it in my President book. It said they have lots of Republican parties at the White House."

(Fa, Beatrice laugh explosively, parallel parking effort nearly goes awry)

Spud, persuasively: "Really, girls! It listed, like, eighteen of them!


Dani said...

I love spuddy-isms.

Never though of the republican party quite like that.

Amity said...

I am really enjoying NaPoOnYoBlEvDaMo around here! Or should that be NAPOYBEDM? Hmmm.