November 15, 2007

novemberian quotidian bloggidiom

q. shenaynay

News has reached my ears a fortnight late that November is national-post-on-your-blog-every-day month or some such thing. This is infinitely less daunting than that swelling NaNoWriMo phenomenon, which prompts thousands of people all around the globe to write a whole blasted novel during November. Which, hello, is marginally insane. But a blog post a day? Let us all now decree in unison that this is a gauntlet well thrown.

Of course, there is one small glitch: the month is half gone already. Lo, notwithstanding, we are not afraid.

We've been rather undisciplined bloggers over the past quarter (and understandably so, all things considered), but our quasi-sabbatical should only render us all the more verbose. So, it being mid-month already, and there being four contributors up there in the Beehive header, I propose it's only fair we post twice daily the remainder of November. Heh heh heh.

So. GS, Fa & Beatrice, all hands on deck. These be the rules: Any shared observances of blogworthy Spuddyisms will be deemed first-come, first-served. Blog cheerfully or take the laptop outside. Payment in currency of one warm chocolate chip cookie per post authored, payable on the evening of November 30. Slackers must drink their milk with a teaspoon. Merely posting quotes will count, but only for half a cookie, and the quote must be good enough to make me go "hmmm." Must be present to win.


Dani said...

Yeah! The Beehive will be back in full fun swing!

I wish I lived at the Beehive! Or could at least have some milk and cookies on the 30th!

Dawn said...

I gave up on this, too (I never can remember NaPoBloMo - is that it?).

I'm about to nominate you for best group or family blog on the HSBA!

Lynn Bruce said...

Thanks, Dawn! I nominated you again for Best Design.