March 11, 2007

what the world needs now is...

...more females breezing about in pink dresses.

and sandals.
pink toenails, too.

don't you think so?

swishy pink skirts might work wonders for the cosmos as well... one never knows.

(vintage patterns from 1950... why don't they make luscious stuff like this anymore?)

so tell us... don't you think these specimens are far more fetching than the stuff you see in stores now?


Rebekah Sacran said...


Had a fabulous time at your house this week. You should return the favor!

G.L.H. said...

Oh, my. This stuff has everything--femininity and allure, too. What makes [men] think that less is more? I say, More is better. Yards and yards of fabric (and crinolines!)

Katie said...


I've been meaning to get to the fabric shop and pick out some skirt material for some time now. But knowing me, it would sit in the corner, forgotten, until I gave it away in an effort to avoid grabbing guilt out of the universe.

(Know thyself.)

Much better it would be if the stores actually stocked stuff like this.

Lok said...

Mmmmm - I concur. But I still don't want to wear hose. Blech. They just have to be hose-free friendly designs.

Stockings. Blech. No good for Southern summers!

Rachel said...

***sigh*** one of the realistic reason those were called the "good old days" ( the good old modest days) I LOVE those dresses!!!

Dani said...

Crinolines! I love crinolines!

I spent some serious time yesterday afternoon leafing though the patterns in our local antique store and looking at the retro shoes and hats.

I personally wish hats were back in style.

Lynn Bruce said...

you mean they're not?

that's funny -- they seem to be in style wherever i wear them.

(how's that for some 'tude?)

Mrs. Wolfe said...

I absolutely LOVE this style of dresses! Oh I hope it comes back!

Dani said...

alrighty, then I shall start an alabamian revolution for hats!

strem said...

Some of us here - who are still honing our sewing skills - are trying to make some dresses like this. I love these that you've posted, and I've been so excited this week. Finally, we have sandal weather again!

Lynn Bruce said...

strem! you all must post pictures of your dresses for us! how cool are you?!


Amy Witt said...

My mother who taught middle school home ecomomics in the 50s in Austin told me how hard it was to walk through the isles of the classroom for all the skirts and crinolines. These are beautiful and I want one.

(Dusting off the ole' sewing machine since it was put up when I had three sons and no one to sew for once they outgrew JohnJohns)


Amy Witt said...

...and I do know how to spell aisles, and I know the difference between aisles and isles.

Kathryn Judson said...

Hmmm. This is the second 'retro' fashion place I've come across in as many days (the other being

I finally decided to ignore current fashion and make whatever type of skirt I feel like. I'm sitting here in a green patterned one not tooo different from the ones in your post. (OK, mine is elastic waist, and it's not quite as full, but it's close. It's comfy as well as feminine and I love walking in it. Very swishy.)

I did the crinoline thing as a little girl. Nothing better for curtseys (does anyone remember curtseys?). But I think I'll pass now. As I remember, they scratched. And made your skirt bump into things. And sometimes created hilarious results when you sat down... (Or is my memory playing tricks on me?)

But how nice to know I'm not the only one hungry for 'fetching' fashion.

Blogger profile name said...

Those are some yummy dresses! I wonder what they'd think if I strolled into our annual meeting next weekend in one of those?