March 14, 2007

Introducing SuperKate

q. shenaynay

My cousin Andrea has two daughters, the younger of whom is a gorgeous 8 year old dynamo we refer to as SuperKate. Our clan has ample cause to suspect that when God breathed the breath of life into SuperKate, He breathed a little harder than normal.

When SuperKate flashes through a room, you get the distinct feeling that the air changed colors for a split second, or maybe it was just the lightbulbs flaring in response to some cosmic electrical surge.

SuperKate is a walking! talking! exclamation point! And everything she says is in bold italics!!!

Poor Andrea had such a calm and organized personality before motherhood. But now, as Mommy of SuperKate, she spends her days essentially trying to stay one step ahead of a Force of Nature.

Andrea: Kate, for the last time, you WILL clean up this mess, or I will clean it up and box it up!

SuperKate: Hey!!! Where is Fun Peppy Mommy?!?!

Andrea: She is somewhere having fun with obedient Kate!

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rachel tsunami said...

Oh! I would love to meet this little gal!