January 12, 2006

Someone Else

Dawn skates in across the neighbor's roof--
Slippery, slick with dew and 6 AM rain;
Grey light, damp light, sodden sidewalk.

Blankets trailing from shivering shoulders,
I lift the blinds. Suddenly, swiftly, I
Am Someone Else-- from a movie, perhaps

Or a book read long ago-- some grey heroine,
Still, silent in a grey window, waiting for--
--I can't remember anymore. It's been too long.

I can't remember my-- I mean, rather, her name, or even
What story we're in. We're stuck here. Immovable, unnamed.
But we do know that we are waiting. So we wait.


elliebird said...

wow caitlin, that's beautiful.
p.s. We're sending y'alls stuff in the mail. How about mine?

DrSmyth said...

how long are you going to make her wait!

rachel tsunami said...

I enjoy all your poetry, f-s-l-l, but I'm really entering in to this one---visually, well really, in every sensory way---all 6. That's a good one, girl. Way to Capture That Moment. Yeah.

Nomos said...

That really is one of your best poems, in my opinion. Very good use of imagery, words, etc. Bravo!