January 13, 2006

A Tribute to the Greatest Hippopotami in All of Literature


Yes, my friends, meet George and Martha.

The George and Martha series is one of my lifelong addictions. I adore them. If you have never had the privilege and joy of meeting them you 'can find out more at your
local library!' as they say at the end of every PBS show. Please, please do not deprive yourself any longer-- read some of their adventures

When I did my picture book post, I knew there were a few books that I simply could not get started on, or it would turn into the longest post in the history of blogdom. Among these select and special few were the Beatrix Potter stories,Ernest Shepard's Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows....and George and Martha. So here I dedicate an entire post to them. Enjoy it-- this is fine art if there ever was any.

Look at their eyes-- just a line and a dot, and they convey so much! Amazing...

And now for the other motive behind this post. One of my all-time favorite George and Martha stories is the one where Martha goes into a photo booth and has her picture taken for George. And what, you ask, does this have to do with anything?? ---Well, you'll see. Suffice it to say that my blogger profile may never be the same again.


Lynn Bruce said...

One of my favorite memories of 2005 will undoubtedly be that night I read the entirety of The Complete Book of George and Martha -- all 2 inches thick of it -- aloud to you and Spuddy in one sitting. Man, that was some good fun. It's really something when a picture book makes you laugh so hard you cry.

"YES, we are friends, but there IS such a thing as PRIVACY!"

Sherry said...

I dunno. Veronica's my personal favorite hippo. She's conspicuous.

van Danne said...

oh man those are some fantastic hippopotami