January 6, 2006

And He Was Dead

A Song By Spuddy Buddy

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I looked around and saw
that there was a monster
but I jumped on his head
and he was dead

But then I look around again
and there was a robot
so I pulled off his antenna
and he was dead.

But then I looked around one last time
and I saw an alien
but that was strange
because I thought they were on Mars
and I jumped on his stomach
and he was dead.

(That's all, you lovely peoples!)


Androphenese said...


Dodger of Sheep said...

Monsters, Robots, AND Aliens? This song is triple awesome. My new favorite.

Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

That's destined to become a classic!

Anonymous said...

Such creativity! Such brilliance! Such genius! I really like it.

Deeapaulitan said...

Our oldest is 16 and we still sing her classics "BABY TATERS", & "Little Chloe Rabbit, You've Become a Family Habbit" when the fancy strikes us! My only wish is that we had 'original' versions of them!

Life is better in the South said...

My goodness, we need to get Spuddy Buddy a record deal and make a hit single "And he was Dead"! Do you know how much money you would make off of that song? MILLIONS!!!!

I loved it! You're soooo AWESOME Spuddy Buddy!