January 5, 2006

Patent Pending

The world is perilous, a cartoon ride
Where people run off cliffs and keep running
And unexpected doors swing wide
On the hinge of a half-second

And even things you thought securely
Written in ink by an elegant hand
Can be scratched out quietly,
Quickly, when you least expect it.

Which is good, because otherwise
We'd all live in the shadow of our own plans,
Held hostage by our diary's surprise--
Changing, and yet not free to change.

So here's to maps in moderation,
Unexpected cliffs and valleys,
Chutes and ladders, ins and outs of fashion,
Providential surprises. Hallelujah!


Life is better in the South said...

First Comment! OH, good fa!

DrSmyth said...

so la la. I thought you did a wonderful job