December 14, 2005

My Seven Things

Great Scot

I am coming to this party late because of other things I had to do; however, I am now finally rising to the challenge placed upon me by my beloved daughter. Please note that my answers are not in any particular order of priority.

7 things I'd like to do before I die:

- Take an extended tour of Scotland, including playing the Old Course at St. Andrews
- Have a family reunion with my family at my vast estate in the Colorado Rockies (It would help on this one to have such an estate, but I digress)
- See my children grown, fully educated, healthy and happy
- Learn to play a musical instrument as well as any of the Greens
- Read one of the Queen's books from its second edition printing
- Hit a hole-in-one
- Find out if doing the Hokey Pokey really is what it is all about

7 things I can't do (but would like to):

- Be a Golf Course Architect
- Play an instrument (see above comment)
- Learn how to fly an airplane
- Figure out how to get more hours into a day
- Walk to the "Bruce Peninsula" with my Grandfather and ride back on his shoulders
- Show my children my Grandmother's farm as it was when I was a child
- Wiggle my nose and/or ears

7 things that attracted me to my wife (the list could get very long, but I will play by the rules, unlike said spouse):

- Her intelligence and sense of humor
- Her ability to go to see professional wrestling on Friday night at the Sportatorium and the Symphony on Saturday night while we were dating and have a good time at both (PSA to unmarried males out there, don't try this after you're married)
- She was low maintenance in personalty and needs, but high quality in results
- She could bake a mean apple pie
- She made me a much better person than I otherwise was
- Even if she couldn't really do something very well, she was always ready to try anyway
- Her purple goddess dress! (I know this is shallow, but there it is! So sue me.)

7 Things I say most often:

- "I don't disagree with that"
- "Okaaaaay"
- "My fault" (Again, a note to all the unmarried males out there, you had better learn this one if you want any peace in your home)
- "Best boy ever"
- "I was a perfect child"
- "There's more ______, if you want them. There's more ______, if you don't" (You fill in whatever food item that was available that night)
- "Telly luvs ya, Baby"

7 Books I really like:

- The Hornblower series of books (I admit I am cheating here a little)
- The Count of Monte Cristo
- Great Expectations
- A Christmas Carol
- Born Fighting (the history of the Scots Irish in America)
- Miracle at Philidelphia
- John Adams

7 movies I could watch over and over:

- The Thin Man movies
- Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
- It's a Wonderful Life
- Muppet Treasure Island
- Arsenic and Old Lace
- Great Escape
- From Russia with Love
- Pretty much anything with Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart or John Wayne

Although it is unlikely they will see it, I would tag the heads of the Green, Beauchamp and Blevins families.


Owl of the Desert said...

Yes! A James Bond movie! Thanks to the 007 Marathons on tv, I have seen quite a few of those over and over, and I love them every time.

Life is better in the South said...

We have a running joke in our house, because of you, Great Scot. Whenever Dad starts to fuss at us or anything remotely close to that, we tell him, "Remember, it YOUR fault." He always agrees.(in a sarcastic way)

Purple Goddes Dress? Story time will start next time I see you!

Androphenese said...

["There's more ______, if you want them. There's more ______, if you don't"

that's me to a tea. every time!

Lynn Bruce said...

And to which Caitlin inevitably responds, "and there's more if you're indifferent."

Ah, family traditions. Ain't they grand?

elliebird said...

I was just about to go crazy because I couldn't think of what to post next on my blog. And I was wishing that people knew I had one so that they would tag me for this ridiculous game.

Thank You Great Scot, unknowing saviour of my sanity!

van Danne said...

it's more than a little humorous to hear a lawyer say "sue me." yeah, right. :-)

Gem said...

My husband's grandfather got a hole-in-one AT St. Andrews! He recieved a nice little plaque with the ball mounted on it. He was the envy of all the golfers in the family!