December 15, 2005

Observations of Creative Emergent Patterns in Uber-Tribal Etymology

Q. Shenaynay

(In other words: I've noticed my wacky and verbose circle of friends has been busy this week making up juicy new words.)


Ralph the Dodger:
snoitatulas -- reverse salutations, applicable in most social situations which call for the reverse of an introductory greeting.

Sir Rino of Nomos:

improbe -- definition in flux; early citings indicate a verb evoking overtones of intrusion; and/or a violent variant of the verb improve. (However, this forecast is tempered by Sir Rino's history of linguistic capriciousness.)

The Shieldmaiden:
hysterious -- a morphological juxtaposition of hilarious and hysterical.

Spuddy Buddy:
gahboooleah -- an exclusive and melodious tribal exclamatory; used in moments of extreme positive emotion.

yours truly (me):
spendiferous -- distinguished by an elevated level of monetary expenditure, as in, "Oh dahling, such a spendiferous afternoon at Saks!"

dismayful -- having the quality of causing woe.

loserish -- being marked by an uncommon degree of lameness.

(Linguists should note that the expansive possibilities inherent in the tandem usage of the latter two entries has already propelled them into popular usage among the etymologically hip and happening, thus: loserishlydismayful; alternatively, dismayfullyloserish.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well, now... anyone brave enough to attempt some sort of poetical ditty using alllll those doozies?

This might call for something mondo beyondo. Virtual M&Ms are, of course, the Beehive's signature award (yes, it all started here) for our faithful readers' delightful contributions. However, wethinks such a quirksome literary feat as this, and during Christmas break at that, might call for a generous bestowing of something more auspicious and distinguished. As in...

we might have to whup out the
Virtual Dig-Atomic Psychodelectable Chocolicious Asteroid Bombs!

(DA BOMB, for short.)

(And yes, we DO read too much Calvin & Hobbes.)

And who knows?! Your response could be so unnerving!-- so overwhelming!-- that we would be forced to call on our ridiculously hip and dashingly handsome neighbor Jay Walker (yes, that's really his name) to judge the entries.

Bombard us! Dazzle us! Or just make us wince. You just never know what could happen here at the hive.


Dodger of Sheep said...

Once there was plucky chap who desired to improbe
His meager fortune, so he took a trip around the globe.
His trip was quite spendiferous, his money soon was gone,
His plight was now dismayful!
How, oh how would he get on?
And feeling oh so loserish he paused a time to think,
But then he yelled "Gaboooleah! I know a way out of this stink!"
Hysterious with joy he ran up to a narrow street,
Where he had heard the slave merchants were commonly to meet.
And with a cry of "Snoitatulas all trouble and all pain!"
He sold himself to slavery,
And paid for nothing e'er again.

Androphenese said...

that was mighty good, dodger of sheep - now I am not sure I want ot expose my creation. but i'm going to anyway.

I was too tired to create a poem, so i wrote a sentence instead...

"The dismayfully loserish movie about improbed women, who went about the mall snorting snoitatulas at all the employees who got in their way of spendiferousity, provides so few moments of hysteriousness, I hardly found an occasion to expend one "gahboooleah."

I tried.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I can hardly believe it, but my son just this moment came up with something that might fit.
He strolled through the room doing a sort of rhomba dance, going "Tanna-bah-ah-Boot! Tanna-bah-ah-Boot! Tanna-bah-ah-Boot!"

I asked him what sort of word that is, and when you would use it. He said, "Thursdays, at 6:00 sharp."
He declined to tell me what it means, but we will mark our calendars and say it next Thursday. At 6:00 sharp. I do hope he meant p.m.

TheHeadGirl said...

Uhm, poetry has never been my forte...but here is my attempt:

For an A in her history final she did wish,
Otherwise she would feel quite loserish.
Hysterious it would not be,
To have such a splendiferous semester,
Yet end up being a dismayful tester.
She knew that an improbe was her desire,
Or snoitatulas to academia she would give with ire.
Ah! Gaboooleah! Gaboooleeeeyay!
Bless her heart. She made an A!

TheHeadGirl said...


splendiferous should be spendiferous.

Tim said...

Such a fantastalicious award cannot be passed over. So here's my attempt:

Long ago (three days, you know)
there was a dreadful fight
between a Sir Neologist
and one Sir Strunkenwhite.

First "Snoitatulas, sirrah!"
said Sir Neologist.
Sir Strunkenwhite spoke not a word,
but only clenched his fist.

Then fully clad in armored plates
(spendiferously bought)
those two aku-akued across
the field, and staunchly fought.

Up and down the field they fought
and took dismayful wounds,
smiting not with swords alone
but eke with piercing words.

"Do improbe your strokes, Sir Strunk,
or else you've lost the fight:
loserish attacks ne'er yet
availed a losing knight."

"Nevermind, Neologist,
just keep your own defense:
neologistic tendencies
don't prove linguistic sense."

But in the end Neologist
defeated Strunkenwhite
and laid him out upon the ground
with sound like dynamite.

"Aha, sirrah! Gahbooleah!
you're at my mercy now."
And, speaking thus, Neologist
let fall the fateful blow.

"Gahbooleah! Gahbooleah!
O frabjous day!" cried he--
and quickly turned hysterious
in his excessive glee.

Alas for Sir Neologist!
He overdid his mirth,
and soon he lay by Strunkenwhite,
quite dead upon the earth.

Therefore friend beware, lest you
should suffer Neo's lot;
play with language if you will,
but see you kill it not.

Tim said...

Sorry, I meant to include a link for aku-aku.

B. Durbin said...

Tim, that's brilliant.

Utterly brilliant.

Neologisms... I can never seem to think of them when pressed, though my family uses quite a few. One that I *can* remember at the moment is "gnarl," pronounced both "narl" and "guh-narl" and usually made with finger motions at the belly. It means that one is hungry, as in "Stomach goes gnarl." One traditional response is "It's kill your own," which means make your own meal.

And then there's "popping the cat," which everyone seems to understand even when encountering it for the first time. You wait until the cat is concentrating on something else, then you startle it so it pops straight up in the air...

Pipsqueak said...

Oh, Tim, I loved yours!

But I choose making y'all wince. ;)

'Twas the day of Gahboooleah,
And all through the town
Those people were so spendiferous,
From the top to the down!
They all were hysterious!
And none could berate
Or dare to improbe-
Else risk such a loserish fate
As the dismayfully dreadific snoitatulaas word.

There should probably be more... but I don't feel like it. :-)