December 21, 2005

A bowlful of bliss

There are few things in life so charming, so perfectly composed, so apt to induce something akin to a zen-like state of being, as a bowl of frito pie done right.

[Which would consist of homemade Texas beef chili, spicy right up to the threshold of pain, ladled steaming hot over a bed of Fritos, topped with grated sharp cheddar, and a little bit of diced onion. All stirred up. A bag of Fritos nearby in case of an emergency shortage. We'll plop a dollop of full throttle sour cream on it if you insist, but none of that fake lite stuff.]

Yessssss. Oh mercy me, yes.


Dodger of Sheep said...

At first glance I thought that said "A bowelful of bliss." Upon reading the ingredients however, I have concluded that your bowels would be in anything but bliss after eating that. But it would taste oh-so-good.

Life is better in the South said...

So, basically you were giving us a recipe?!?! YUM!!!

Unknown said...

Ok did you see that Queen! A NON Nursing man made a disgusting comment about the human functions....
So don't just go blaming me and Towapha(Brett).
And that chili sounds SOOOOOOO good.
Also to be creative you can put chilli and all into the frito bag and eat it out of it....Try's interesting. You get those kind of meals when you go to public school....*cough cough*

Lynn Bruce said...

Umm, Adam, I went to public school. 16.5 years, counting college. And so I've, umm, I've done that. It was fabulous.

Frito pie however you can get it, I say.

Life is better in the South said...

I am currently recovering from a stomach virus contracted at the wonderful family Christmas party I posted about, and even under those conditions, that Frito pie sounds good. I must add it to our menu, as I see your recipe brought forth comments from two other members of my family! We used to get it at the Walmart Radio Grill!