December 20, 2005


Q. Shenaynay

Last night, we had our annual family outing to a performance of Handel's Messiah. It was a singalong, so as we approached our seats with scores in hand, there was a moment of discussion about the best seating arrangements. I asked Fa-So-La-La and The Shieldmaiden what part they planned to sing.

"I'm singing soprano," said Fa.

"I'm singing soprano, too," said The Shieldmaiden.

And then young Spuddy Buddy pronounced, with a great mix of authority and nonchalance, "I'm singing hilton."

"Excuse me?" we all enquired in unison.

"Hilton. I'm singing hilton."

"Umm, sweetie, do you mean tenor?" asked moi.

"No, Mamadah. You know I don't sing tenor. Now sometimes I do sing bass. But most of the time I sing hilton."

"And what is hilton?" Dying to know.

"Well, I don't sing what the rest of you sing. I sing what I sing. It's a part and so it needed a name, so I named it hilton."

So there you have it. My friend Gayla is so relieved. Says she's been singing her own part for years but didn't know what to call it. Now she knows. She sings hilton. She says it would seem most folks at her church sing hilton, also.

Mark your music, my friends, for this is a watershed moment in the history of singing: SATB henceforth and anon shall be referred to as SAHTB.


DrSmyth said...

I think i sing Marriot. Its kinda basstenoralto

Bad said...

I don't sing man!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Well, now we know what The Headmaster has been singing for Lo, all these many years.

And here we thought he was just taking his pitch by scraping his shoe on the floor.

tootlepip said...

I believe I must sometimes sing hilton too.

Phyllis said...

Now I know exactly what I sing! Thank you!

Life is better in the South said...

I have laughed til I have tears!! PRICELESS!!

LaceyP said...

I still will never get over Spuddy's imitation of my "oh my" on the way to you remember that? It was hilarious!

polemic turtle said...

I have a feeling I'd be singing "hilton" if I sat next to him. :-|

Firefly said...

I believe I sing hojo. ;)