September 1, 2005


Today the Ambleside Online Advisory* published AO-HELP, an emergency curriculum plan for children who have no school options available as a result of Hurricane Katrina.


This is a free, complete, user-friendly curriculum plan for churches and other groups needing to set up temporary schools for children who may not have been homeschooled, and also for homeschooling families who need support, encouragement and alternatives to the curriculum they've lost in a disaster.

All texts and teaching materials needed to implement this plan are free online. The only things needed are access to a computer and printer, paper and pencil. It is designed for a wide range of ages, and to be user-friendly for those who have never taught.

Please print out and share AO-HELP freely with anyone who might need it.

We know that there are more important things than missed schooling during a crisis. But sometimes in the midst of disasters, creating a small oasis of normalcy and continuity is very important. And in the midst of such a disaster, grown ups with many urgent details on their minds often cannot focus on thinking up things for children to do. It is our prayer that this free resource will fill a need.

*The Ambleside Online Advisory is a group of seven women who have developed Ambleside Online, a curriculum plan which we provide for free online as a ministry to families. I am honored to be a part of this group -- they are truly astonishing company to keep. Here are the other Advisory members' blogs:
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coffeemamma said...

Adding another blessing to the homeschooling community! I've linked.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Q.S., you are a true heroine.