June 28, 2005

Sporting Spuddy Buddy

Great Scot

Spuddy Buddy and I just got back from a Texas Rangers game. The game was tied through the 9th. However, as Spuddy Buddy just described it to The Queen, "We lost in extra endings."

Although Abner Doubleday may flinch, he did capture the spirit of the thing.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the year Dalton was 5 and was very much into reinventing the rules of the western hemisphere. It was the year we actually watched the World Series in its entirety. We tried to explain the rules of the game to him, but he *insisted* that instead of 3 outs, the rule should be 5 outs. Not all the time-honored history of baseball nor all the chevrolets and apple pies in America could move him from his settled opinion.

I like Justin's interpretation. It just goes to show that a man surrounded by female "random" can still be a literalist. Chip off the old block, I'd say.