June 27, 2005

Spuddy Buddy's Singing School Test

Over breakfast this morning, Spuddy Buddy was inspired to create a test for all you singing school veterans. Name this tune and he will send you a virtual paper airplane:

Ti ti ta
ti ti ta
ti ti tim-ka ta.

(So I guess he was actually listening in class!)

Oh -- he says it's actually a paper stealth bomber, and if you get it wrong -- "bang, bang!"


Androphenese said...

Roy got this one... GINGLE BELLS!

Anonymous said...

Really? I thought it was Jingle Bells. Is it the same tune?

Androphenese said...


Unknown said...

Oh to publish for the first time. I feel so special. But now to the question at hand, Who am I? IF you were paying attention and very observant you would have seen my name written on a certain 3' by 5' laminated notecard for the past week.

And since i was at singing school I know that that rythm is for Jingle Bells.

Love the use of the ti ti ta's. Seeing that my favorite is
tic-a-ti ta
Because of the funny little dance that Elder Bryce would do to it.

fa-so-la-la said...

Oh, the funny bouncy Bro Bryce dance? Yes, yes. It was certainl amusing. One of those things you remember fondly in the dreary hours of life. :-)

Androphenese said...

adam kinsaul it would be?

Anonymous said...

THis is Katwoman.
Jingle Bells, Spud. Chubby-Cheeks can't wait to see you tomorrow.

My personal favorite ta-ta was syn-co-pa-ti-ti-ta, but the funny thing about Bro. Bryce was not his dance, it was his habit of thrusting his jaw in a diagonal direction when he said ta.