September 23, 2010

...and many more!

Singing Happy Birthday today to my very beautiful mother, our Sugar Cookie-- the name Justin gave her as soon as he could speak.  She's the spirit of a giant incongruously contained in a petite package of heart, soul, beauty, brains, backbone, zeal, and spunk.  She sings in my head and my heart and in all my dreams of childhood, and I love her to the moon and back. 

And now, for your birthday, my dear Mother, I give you what I know you'll like best of anything else I might give you: the wonderful, sparkly words my oncologist said after my semi-annual checkup this morning: 

"Three years this month, and everything looks great.  I really do not think you are ever going to have a recurrence."

So blow out those candles, babe, and let's have some cake!  Birthdays Are Good! 


Jeanne said...

how wonderful!!!

Judy in TX said...


Jubilee said...

How incredibly wonderful!!!

Goodness, has it been three years?

Bonnie said...

Praise God. Keep singing unto HIM>