September 9, 2009

nine nine nine

Hey, look at that -- today is


That sort of thing only happens once a year, ya know.  I just thought we should notice.

Wonder how many 9 lb 9 oz babies were born at 9:09 today?

(Remember when 07/07/07 fell on a Saturday and a bazillion couples got married that day so they could have it for their anniversary date?)


Dani said...

You know we got married that day, but it wasn't really intentional. It was just the first open weekend...

If Gary forgets our anniversary now it's all his fault, we couldn't have an easier day to remember.

I had a friend have a baby today, on another total random note, at 9:09 am, but she only weighed 5 lbs, and 3 oz. Can't have it all just so...

Firefly said...

My hubby and I wanted to get married on 8/8/88, but it was a Monday. So... we got married on 8/6/88, a Saturday. My husband was disappointed, but he's seems to have recovered somewhat over the past twenty-one years. ;)