November 21, 2008

hell broke apart at His feet

Quotes from Seeking the Face of God by Gary Thomas

Chapter 2 - Starting at the Finish Line: Spiritual Goals

"Jesus chased out ignorance, defeated the demonic, and released the ill and oppressed. In other words, as Jesus walked, hell broke apart at His feet."

"Jesus and hell could not occupy the same spot, so wherever Jesus went, hell was dismantled."

"I can be immature and reach heaven. I'm not sure, however, that I can remain immature and see hell break apart at my feet. If I am steeped in habitual sin, if I remain a spiritual adolescent, I cannot threaten hell, not while kissing its feet or lusting after its trinkets."

"If we don't experience the dissolution of hell in our own lives, we would do well to ask ourselves why. Are we flirting with hell and thus unable to confront it? Have we refused to deal with needy issues in our lives, perhaps denying they exist, and therefore blinded ourselves to the needs and hurts of others? Or have we just become lazy, content to coast into heaven rather than be faithful servants?"

"This goal, to love God so much that we overflow with love for others and consequently see hell break apart at our feet, encourages us to press on to be the type of person God can use consistently and powerfully. It spurs us on toward active ministry surrounded by times of intimate prayer -- for we dare not enter this ministry without the sure presence of God. The goal is also clearly defined by a central question: Are people around us being changed?"

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Katie said...

I need to read this book. "Spiritual adolescent"-- I stand convicted.