November 20, 2008

our lack of wonder

I'll be journalling some quotes here in coming days from Seeking the Face of God by Gary Thomas, which I am reading through at a snail's pace (on purpose).

Quotes from Chapter 1: The Journey of Faith

"Surely there has never been a more unequal relationship than the one Christ calls us to when He says, "Come, follow Me." Our lack of wonder at the absolute inequality of the relationship is evidence enough that we do not fully comprehend the greatness of the God who speaks and the humility of us who listen."

"We need not be mature to reach heaven... However, without maturity, we will have neither the motivation nor the ability to get involved in the lives of others."

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I live IN Jesus said...

Wow. That is SO true! Something that the Lord has been teaching me lately--Get involved in the lives of others--not just others but the lost... God bless! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Sincerely in Jesus Christ,
Sarah T