January 2, 2008

I came, I resolved, I conquered.

q. shenaynay

My main resolution for 2007 was to read the entire Bible in one year. I made others as well, but this was the resolution to which I was most committed.

Little did I know when I made that resolution that I would spend a good part of the last half of the year virtually unable to read due to multiple surgeries and a brain addled by pain medications and distress.

Little did I know how far behind I would lag in the daily readings after each surgery (especially after the one that left me so frail that I couldn't even hold the book for several weeks) nor how hard I would have to work at getting caught up again -- sometimes at a pace of 30-40 pages per day.

And little did I know how very desperately I would need to have a head full of God's words to get me through this past year.

Since I had never before been successful in my various attempts to read through the Bible in a year, I studied several available plans out there, and landed happily on the The One Year Bible KJV. I cannot recommend this reading plan highly enough. It simply works. I also purchased a copy for a very good friend with whom I communicate almost daily, knowing that I would be less inclined to fail if I knew someone close to me was doing it also. I cannot recommend that part of my plan highly enough, either. It did make a difference.

I have re-enlisted again this year, and I invite you to come along with me and make this your utmost and highest resolution for 2008.

You will need it. You just never know how much.


Javamom said...

I have never made it through the whole Bible in one year, after trying several times, and I do have the One Year Bible already! I will resolve to do this with you this year.

Love the resolution posts, btw.
We oft times are so excited about grace that we misplace the importance of works before God, which are very different from works before men. The former are very important but are so often lumped in the general "works" category...the bad label of "being works oriented" and all that. The latter are the ones we should be trying to nip in the bud.

I have thought a lot about your previous post for he better part of the last 36 hours.

Thank you for being ready to write to your full wisdom again ;-). I think the Lord has a lot more to say through you, my friend.

With Love,


Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

Congratulations - I'm so glad you were able to finish. And I keep thinking of your line "You will need it. You just never know how much."

I didn't quite make it through this year, but I got further than an attempt the year before. (I've restarted, though :-) Some years ago I managed it several years in a row - different versions, different reading plans. Always a blessing.

On with this year - and I agree, the plans that take you daily in the Old and New Testaments, with some Psalms and Proverbs, are easier than other plans. (I usually did it in a chronological-history plan, which made sense, but still was rough once you hit Leviticus and Numbers.)

Thank you for keeping us challenged - by your example, and in your writing. We need you :-)

Beck's Bounty said...

Thank you for this encouraging post. Know that we are praying for you and for your family !!

God Bless.