September 11, 2007

Sweaters at last!


Well, maybe not just yet. But soon! My dears, today was the first day of fall. Yes, yes I know there's nothing about it on the calender, and maybe it's not fall where you live, but here in the vast metropolis of Greater Dallas, today was most definitely the first of fall. It was pleasantly coolish (which, of course, means lower 70's, but who's counting), and that helped, but it was more than the temperature. It was the air and the light and the smell and the way the wind blew, plus that mysterious indefinable little hint of something that makes fall fallish. It was, quite simply and irrefutably, A Fall Day. It may be 90 degrees tomorrow. I don't care. After today it can't be summer anymore.

It was lovely to finally be at school in the fall today. I've been waiting for the day when it would feel like school was on for the past almost-four-weeks and today, it finally felt right. It was so beautiful on campus today. I get out of my last class right as the sun's starting to set just a bit and the light was pure gold and the sky was blue and the wind was just right. I listened to Madeleine Peyroux and kept my windows open the whole way home, even though open windows on an expressway make for a rather loud trip. It was smashing.

(Or maybe today was so beautiful because I got That Paper turned in? . . . nah. Today was just beautiful, and that's all there is to it. Though turning in the paper certainly helps.)

Now go cook some squash and get yourself in the autumnal mood!

p.s. isn't it amazing how the parking lot is always fullest on the days you're running late?


Tim said...

We had just the same sort of day, the first of the year: cool and windy and unmistakably fallish. Have fun with your sweaters!

Mimigrace08 said...

I actually wore long sleeves today! It was great. We have finally turned off the ac, and i'm loving the fall smell permeating the house.

Owl of the Desert said...

Hooray for fall! Although, I don't think we in Alabama can say we're quite there yet. But, it was very close today! As I was leaving work, I felt a chill in the air, and tonight we sat on the porch in the perfect kind of fall weather. Perhaps the cold front that has been rumored to be on its way will help us reach fall sometime this weekend or shortly thereafter.

And, yes, I know exactly what you mean about the parking lot.

elliebird said...

i glory in the day when i can break out the sweaters and hoodies without pushing it and ending up hot and sweaty and wishing that my pride would let me take it off.

i love fall. it's The Bestest.

rachel tsunami said...

I just love it that I know a young person who would say, "autumnal."

it would be fa.

Dani said...

I love the fall it's my favorite time of year. School always seemed to go better in those first few fallish days. (Maybe that's just the fact that I was still on schedule with reading and assignments. Who knows.) Nice and cool in the evening, sweaters start breaking out, and football starts. Yup I miss school.

Fall hasn't arrived in Florida, and to hear some tell it, it won't. We'll wait and see.