May 17, 2007

For those of you who have always wondered what the "little cake things with pink sugar icing" were... they are.

(bakery window in Dunfermline, Scotland)


Kate said...

Lovely dear! But really, do keep them away from graduations, even if they are scottish little cake things with pink icing. :-)

elliebird said...

oh, how darling! they're perfect!

Raz said...

Howdy Queen,
It's the long lost Texan PB that has been stuck in Michigan (I hope there's only one of us...). I've got a week or so till I ship out for my fellowship and just wanted to say hi and that I hope to be blogging more of the summer....more regularly than I have in the past. The location of my blog is Royal feedback is always appreciated! :-)
Be sure to tell my good ole Lawyer/Sigma Chi brother that I wish him a belated but hearty happy birthday!!!