April 2, 2007

Barbecue is amazing.

q. shenaynay

The word "barbecue" has got to be one of the more fascinating and flexible bits of verbage ever. Consider this:

1. It's a verb used to describe the action of producing... itself (a noun). Therefore,

2. It's a noun used to define what is produced by the action of its namesake verb. Further,

3. It's an adjective used to describe the noun which is verbed in such a manner.

4. It's also a noun for the apparatus in which the former noun is verbed.

5. It's also a noun for the event at which that noun is used to verb that other noun.

Confused? Then let me offer a handy example:

We went to a barbecue (noun 1) and Joe Bob hauled out his fancy new barbecue (noun 2) to barbecue (verb) us some barbecue (noun 3). Those were some good barbecued (adjective) ribs.

Can you think of a word that tops that?


Androphenese said...


Karen G. said...

:::horrified voice:::


Blogger profile name said...

And I thought that eating it was the amazing part!

Lynn Bruce said...

krakovianka, settle down, dear friend, and please don't take to fretting about me. i haven't entirely fallen from grammatical grace. it was merely a bit of poetic, or perhaps comic, license.

Dani said...

I just want som BBQ now.

Unknown said...

Not to mention the fact that BBQ means something different in almost every southern State. I am serving Alabama BBQ at my son's rehearsal dinner in MD and I am going to have to write up a sheet on the nature of Alabama BBQ for the uninformed who think BBQ means red sauce.

I personally will eat anything with the name BBQ.

strem said...

I've been trying to think of some words that will rival it and can't think of a single one! I've thought of several items I'd like to barbecue, however.