March 2, 2007



Bring on the Texas wildflowers! I saw the first ones today -- big patches of yellow and purple along the turnpike. Oh happy happy.

February is over! YESSSSSSS.

I'm already thinking ahead to the first picnic of the season. I am past ready for that day when I get to go snooze in the sunshine on an old soft quilt at the botanical gardens with a tummy full of.... hmmm. So many options. What would you pack in your basket?


Mama Squirrel said...

Mittens. We had a big blizzard here yesterday and the schools are all closed.


Have a nice time anyway.

Rebekah Sacran said...

Chicken Packets, an avacado, strawberries, a good book, fresh, cool water, fruit dip, fresh, homemade bread with a side of butter...mmmmm

Gail said...

A thermos of hot tea, some honey, a thermos of warm milk, a still-warm loaf of fresh bread, some honey butter, matches and enough kindling for a bonfire. We still have snow on the ground! Oh, I better bring a tarp to sit on or our blankets will be soaked.

Quit sounding so cheery! If you really loved us, you would send us some of that sunshine and those flowers!! ;)

Lynn Bruce said...

ceridwen... chicken packets?

rachel tsunami said...

you know, those little cellophane packets of dehydrated chicken bites. they come in three flavors: fried, grilled, and boiled.

rachel tsunami said...

i'll let you pack the basket. i just want to *be* there. such an event is one of life's greatest delights for all 5 senses.

Dani said...

You cook very well, so you pack and I'll bring the blanket, and sweet tea.