December 17, 2006

make someone's life a little frothier

This is my new friend:
I was at Williams-Sonoma shopping for others (honest, I was) and woop, there 'twas. Just a small handle with a stick and a whizzy looking thing on the end. A frother.

Froth! Forsooth! That's what was missing from our lives! We were sorely lacking froth! (I just like the word. Go ahead - say it. Froth froth froth! Frothy frothy frothy! See?)

It's a happy thing. The peppermint mocha I am currently sipping is quite... well, frothy.

Company digs froth, too, we've observed. Keeps them amused for hours. This can be a good thing with some types of company. Even if you're not personally keen on froth, you might consider that angle before you entirely dismiss the idea. Providing quiet yuletide amusement for the redneck boyfriend of your third cousin's niece-in-law twice removed might well be worth blowing nineteen smackers over. Think about it.

If that's not your particular need, I bet there's still someone on your list who's a bear to buy gifts for. Give them the gift of froth, I say. Who among us wouldn't like their life to be a little frothier?


Anonymous said...

ahh...the power of Froth.. Very cool gadget, that.

Life is better in the South said...

Man, i want a frother now....pshhh, thanks Queen! ;)

I'm still waiting for Eragon pics. I mean c'mon...awesome costumes? PWEASE! :D

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

Froth, yep, I need some of that.

JCrew Mama said...

Hey Queenie, I'm missing you! The boys and I are experiencing a dire lack of froth right now! Wish we could stop by for some! Love you and please give each other hugs for me!

Anonymous said...

I fear I am feeling overwhelmed at your frothiness. I never knew you could be quite so...frothy. Realistically, though, how would one go about frothing one's tea? It seems like it would be in very poor taste. Perhaps even bordering on beverage abuse.