November 19, 2006

spuddy buddy unlocks the mystery of the crush

q. shenaynay

Spuddy Buddy was waiting for me to finish getting ready for church this morning, which gave him some time to think Big Thoughts. Which always leads to Big Questions. (Oh, no.)

SB: Mamadah, does _____ have a crush on _____ ?

Me: I need to get ready, son.

SB: I think they are kinda like Calvin and Susie.

Me: Really, son, I need to get... huh? Calvin and Susie? Oh, yeah, I remember. Calvin has a big crush on that girl Susie, doesn't he?

SB: No. HE doesn't. Not Calvin. Calvin doesn't like Susie.

Me: Oh, c'mon! Calvin does so like Susie!

SB: No, no, no. Calvin doesn't like Susie. His duplicate does.

Me: Uhhh...

SB: So Calvin gets in his Transmogrifier to trade places with his duplicate. So that way it's his duplicate who likes Susie instead of Calvin. See?

Me: (Oh. my. word. Bill Watterson is a genius, a visionary...)

SB: So I think they are like that.

Me: Uhhh... Huh. Hmmm.

Transmogrifiers. Duplicates. Huh. That explains an awful lot.


Dani said...

You know Spuddy Buddy has an unbelievable way of connecting things. The funniest part is that he is so preceptive at times. Having a crush around does change you into another person sometimes. haha.

Virtual cookies for Spuddy Buddy.

HHomeboy said...

Now I just need to play fill in the blanks with spuddy.....

Does he like word games?

*evil grin*

HandmaidenforHim said...

Boy, am I glad there aren't bugs on the wall when Jesse and I start talking about that sort of thing!!!

PS. I must say that I'd never thought of Susie and Calvin like that!
*applauds Spuddy Buddy*

Life is better in the South said...

haha That's reeeeally funny.
Spuddy Buddy is hilarious.
Tell him I said HEY!

Cimmanim said...

oh my! that is hilarious. he is SO cute!

Cal-el of Krypton said...

I remember that one.... it's a good one!! He gets his duplicate to go to school for him while he gets to play all day. Unfortunately the duplicate comes out "nice" and likes Susie.

I'm glad someone else sees the geniousity of Bill (When you own every one of his "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strips.... you're on a first name basis with the guy).

HHomeboy said...

well, Mrs. Wormwood was after the Screwtape letters, Calvin was after John Calvin, and hobbs was after another reformer. Really an interesting guy. would be nice to meet him.

Lynn Bruce said...

hhomeboy, be forewarned that spuddy buddy has been professionally trained in the dire and long-term consequences of filling in such blanks for anyone who does not share his genetic code.

and even if that were not the case, i would have to invoke bluejacob's infamous rule here: what happens in aunt lynn's kitchen... stays in aunt lynn's kitchen.


Life is better in the South said...

Uh oh Aunt Lynn!

Your comment on my post got me thinking...
I should move to texas for bigger kisses. Be expecting me pretty soon. Because I think I'll move in with YOU!
;D ;D ;D

HHomeboy said...

well, I must confess, I almost tried to get the list S.B. gave you for Clair when everybody but S.B. and I were awake the morning of your place. But I figured it to be un-ethical.