August 17, 2006


You arm yourself with shovels and sandwiches.
You are thirsty.
You are going to dig a well.
You attack the dry earth. Charge!

Dirt in your eyes and hair and clothes;
Dirt, which unfortunately
Does not seem very responsive to good intentions.
Nothing but dirt.

Soon you're at the bottom of a pit
That refuses to become a well. You're trapped,
Surrounded with the innards of the earth.
Quick! --you cry-- Bring buckets to haul it all away!

You run out of buckets.
You run out of sandwiches.
You're still digging-- might as well--
You've nothing else to do down in the pit.

And then, lo!

-- Rain.


fa-so-la-la said...

--a note--

this was not intended as a poem. it's just a thought that had the bad taste to want to trick unsuspecting people into thinking it was poem, and tried to disguise itself as one.

just so ya know...

gabbie said...

i love it! i wrote something about the rain the other day...

kinda poem-ish, but like yours it was just a thought.

three cheers for rain!

van Danne said...


i like your poemthought.

LaceyP said...

I like that...yes...poemthought...I like your poemthought...

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band said...

That was great, could it be thought of as free verse? I like it whatever it is

Laura Kathryn said...

It reminds me of the children's book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt."
Very neat.

Nardo said...

Hi! This is Leah, wayward cousin to Moo and Mulitfarious. I love the picture that is next to your comment!! Where did you get it? I know that I know that character. I used to read a book with him or her in it but I have completly forgotten the title or character names. Would you help me out? It is driving me crazy trying to pull the name out of my brain and unfortuantly I can not come up with a single idea.
It's' amazing how much a single image can pull up fogotten memories!

fa-so-la-la said...

Hello Leah! The furry little thing is named Frances, from the Frances picture books by Russel Hoban-- A Bargain for Frances, Bread and Jam for Frances... etc etc. She's one of my oldest friends.