March 19, 2006

In Which We Give the Beehive Faithful a Taste of Life at the Beehive, Especially That Part of it Which Transpires Late at Night

Fa and The Shieldmaiden

We like to stay up late. Sadly. In fact, we have a whole litany of things we like to do while staying up late, but one of our favoritest of favoritey favorites is reading Ogden Nash aloud by flashlight. Last night we were doing this, and we decided it was just too much fun not to share, so we blogged it. And here you are.

First, me (Fa)--

It's Always Apple Blossom Time, Unfortunately
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And now, the Queen of Ogden Nash by Flashlight, Claire. She's genius at it. This is one is specially hers- I'm not allowed to read it.

The Man with Two New Suits

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Nomos said...

Spectacular! Those were very enjoyable and humorous.

Gracie said...

Those were great! :)

LaceyP said...

Wow...I should have yall make me a "Book on Tape"...that would be fun! ;)

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful!
Ya 'll really should do that more often!...Wonderful job of reading ladies.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very cool!

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band said...

Nicely done. Brava, brava, bravissimo!