March 2, 2006

In Memory of Missey Gray

Q. Shenaynay

Please say a prayer for the family of Missey Gray, a lovely young mother who died during childbirth yesterday afternoon. She leaves behind her husband Tom and their five children, ranging in age from 11 to the newborn daughter.

Missey was an active member of the Ambleside Online support lists, and had a real heart for helping fellow homeschoolers. She spent untold hours freely offering her experience and support to others. In fact, she was posting to homeschool listservers just yesterday morning, before leaving for the hospital.

Missey's family has expressed comfort in knowing that other Christians and homeschoolers are praying for them in this difficult time.

This post from Missey's blog says what I could never find the words to say. Please read it, and hug your loved ones longer and harder today. Missey's passing reminds me once again that there are no guarantees for tomorrow for any of us.

I'm thankful to have met Missey and her beautiful family, and I'm thankful to have witnessed her generous spirit. May God bless her family and loved ones.

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Life is better in the South said...

This is very touching. Makes me want to spend more time doing the things that really matter--I'm going now to watch a silly video that some young teens made last night...Thanks for sharing. Our prayers are with this family.