February 21, 2006

Stars on the Water

~a waltz~

In the dark
he’s bedazzled by
stars on the water
never thinking the night
will pass by

And stooping
to gaze long at
stars on the water
he falls in, but feels
oddly dry.

He’d dreamed
it was warmer –
those stars and this water –
but he treads there and
doesn’t ask why.

(To a man
in the dark
a mirage on the water
is a doable dose
of the sky.)

Heaven’s sun
shames phantom
stars from the waters
while kindling veiled glories
on high

For the night
when, mourning lost
stars on the water,
he’ll look up and gasp
at the sky.


fa-so-la-la said...

This is incredible.

Nomos said...

Dittos to what fa said. Very well written, with a certain dream-like quality.

Keep on living up to your title.

Androphenese said...

well that was a pretty good poem, but next time, try writing with some feeling of inspiration...ha.