January 10, 2006

Today's prize goes to...

Q. Shenaynay

(Being a general hodge-podge of amusing things that happened all in one day, which made for a chucklish day, all told.)

Best Current Events Headline: "Bird Flu Found in Turkey"

* * * * *

Best School Moment:
Spuddy to Fa: Hey, Sis, I can read sometimes.
Fa: And what about the other times?
Spuddy: No, I can read the word 'sometimes.' And it's a pretty big word, y'know.

* * * * *

Best Sports Moment:
Spuddy's PE teacher, knowing that he is the fastest kid in the class, instructed Spuddy to take off running and then told the rest of the class to chase him. Whereupon she took a long, much-needed break. Sheer genius, I tell you.

* * * * *

Most Morbid Moment:
Spuddy and I drive past a huge cemetery every week en route to PE class. It oftens draws forth questions, such as, "Why did ____ die, Mamadah?" To which I once replied something to the effect that "everybody dies... somebody dies every day, son."

So now, every time Spuddy and I pass the cemetery, as we did today, he says matter-of-factly: "Well, I wonder who today's dead guy is."

* * * * *

Most Intriguing Misperception:
A new freeway billboard almost caused me to smush my car, and still distracts me a bit on repeat passes, because to my peripheral view, it seems to say, in huge letters (and with a 1-800 number for your convenience): OUTRAGE HOTLINE. The thought of which just intrigues me. I suspect my fellow citizens simply see it as is: an electic company advertising their "Outage Hotline." But I see OUTRAGE, every time. Which, with all the road rage transpiring right beneath it, has far more worthy potential than merely providing folks with a venue to whine about their lightbulbs. Just imagine the untapped power of unlimited toll-free catharsis!

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DrSmyth said...

i loved the most morbid moment. J-Time is great