January 25, 2006

Oh My Word indeed!

I just gotta say to the Beehive's OMW poets that you all are really outdoing yourselves with OMW #4. This is a great batch, ma frins! They're all so different, but we like them all. Ahh, so satisfying to have such creative and amusing friends.

::happy sigh::

If you haven't read them, do! And then give it a whirl yourself maybe?

Oh, and you know I'm gonna say it, now don't you? --
More, please.


Reya said...

Yes i do enjoy them too. Love you all, have fun at the Jackson meeting. Wish i could come but a friend died yesturday. Ill be praying for you.

LaceyP said...

YALL ARE HERE WITH US! YaY! Great meeting...Brother Sonny is SO cute...and I have to say he was looking pretty snazzy with his sweater vest under his suit last night (Thursday night)...mmmhmm...! :)

Life is better in the South said...

Didn't he wear the sweater vest the WHOLE meeting? I thought that, was JAZZY!

LaceyP said...

yes he did wear it the whole time...but when I posted on Thursday night, I thought that would be the only time he'd wear it. I agree...it was JAZZY! did you make it back home with your "storytelling necklace", Whitney?