December 7, 2005

Seven Wonders

(Wow, that was a cheesy title. I've outdone myself!)

Well, Pipsqueak of The Common Room has tagged me to play the seven game. So here we are--

Seven Things...

to do before I die:
--Write a book
--Go to England
--Sing in The Messiah
--Figure Things Out.
--See the Resurrection (I hope!)
--Do something amazing that will reward all the effort and love my parents have given me
--Become the person I would like to be. It will take some doing.

(I would also like to own a pair of green velvet shoes.)

I cannot do (and would very much like to)--
--Play guitar
--Talk to Jane Austen
--Cook worth a flip
--Fall asleep easily
--Wear yellow and look good
--Read people's thoughts

that attracted me to my spouse--
(Well, here it gets a bit difficult. Because I have no spouse. But if I had, these are the things that undoubtedly would have attracted me.)

--Goodness, uprightness, and integrity
--High standards and good taste
--Dignity and gentlemanly behavior
--Good cheekbones. Yes, it's silly. Yes, it's trivial. But I like good cheekbones. :-)
--The fact that he can think deeply and correctly
--The fact that he reads
--He can write at least tolerably well. He has to have a firm grasp of the use of apostrophes. :-)

things I say most often--
--Such is life.
--Anything with 'ums' tacked on the end-- squishums, blushums, smoochums, spunkums, etc.
--Well, here's the issue...
--The thing is...
--You know, I was just thinking... (my three most common sentence openings)
--Where did ____ get to? (insert the name of anything I"ve lost... book, article of clothing, waterglass, pencil, ten dollar bill...)

seven books I love--
(This is just plumb too hard. I'm going to cheat rampantly)

--Jane Austen
--The Complete Emily Dickenson
--The Bible
--Lord of the Rings
--Till We Have Faces, and any other C.S. Lewis
--Short Stories of Eudora Welty
--Short Stories of Flannery O'Connor
--Betsy, Tacy and Tib books
--Wislawa Szymborska (Polish poet lady)
--Charlotte Bronte
--Annie Dillard

(Told you I would cheat!)

movies I could watch over and over--
--Pride and Prejudice (The old one! The long one!)
--My Man Godfrey
--Enchanted April
--The Philadelphia Story
--Muppet Treasure Island
--Finding Neverland
--Beauty and the Beast
--The Village and Signs

(Cheating again...)

people I want to tag--
--Great Scot, of the infinitely worthy blog you are currently reading
--Eugene, of Type A
--Monolog, of whatever blog he can use....
--Multifarious Me, ditto
--Ludwig of Shed of Emotions
--Peachy Keen of Screebees!
--Nomos of I Have Issues


Androphenese said...

I really struggled to do mine. Especially on the "seven things I can't do" part. ;-)

Lynn Bruce said...

I would have no trouble finding things I can't do...

Nomos said...

I was slightly sarcastic in mine...hope that's okay.

Anonymous said...

"The thing is..." we were just talking about how much you say that! You do say it a whole bunch, Fa-So-La-La.