December 22, 2005

Judge Jay Walker Devours DA BOMB Award!!!

It's time to unveil the first ever recipient of
The Beehive's
much-coveted and highly anticipated

Dig-Atomic Psychodelectable Chocolicious Asteroid Bomb

otherwise known as
* * * * * * * * * *
awarded for outstanding achievement
in the artistic employment of new and silly words
* * * * * * * * * *

Only we have a slight problem.
Our auspicious judge Jay Walker kinda sorta accidentally chowed into the chocolicious DA BOMB award whilst deliberating over his final verdict...

But no matter...
ALLL the entries were simply marvellous... we loved them all!
But without further ado...
the DA BOMB Award goes to...

TIM of Bona Vita Rusticanda Est

Congratulations, Tim! Amazing poem!
And remember... better a VIRTUAL chocolicious award...
than a real one that Jay Walker has already munched on...

Bad boy, Jay Walker. Bad.

If you're completely confused, you can get caught up and read all the fabulous entries here. And thanks to everyone who made up a little ditty for our contest! We'll do something similarly disturbing and fun soon.

And you can read more about why Tim's poem was DA BOMB here, at Tim's blog.


Pipsqueak said...

*claps hands* Bravo, Tim!
I'd whistle with my fingers in my mouth but I can't. :)
Plus I have a strong feeling it would annoy my family who are in the (very) close vicinity

Tim said...

Thank you. Thank you very much. (I feel like I should make an acceptance speech or something...) It's an honor to recieve the first bestowment of such an illustrious virtual chocolicious award.

I think the usability of the new words was wonderfully exemplified by the numerous entries and ways the words were used.

May artistic silliness never end!

(And now I should leave before I turn into Thorin Oakenshield.)

TheHeadGirl said...

Bravo, Tim! Enjoy your chocolate. It is well-earned.

Life is better in the South said...

Who is the judge dude? and what is he doing with a HUGE chunk of chocolate???

Lynn Bruce said...

1. Judge dude is our neighbor and good friend.

2. He has a huge chunk of chocolate because... well because he's out our house. (Duh.)


polemic turtle said...

You're loving it, aren't you?

"Chocolate also contains significant quantities of Phenylethylamine (PEA). Recent studies show that large amounts of PEA are found in the brains of happy persons, particularly persons in love. Certainly many chocolate takers report an increased sense of well-being after ingesting the drug."

I think chocolate could change the world.

"Overdoses are rare, but do occur."

Then again, some people react badly to love, don't they?