November 1, 2005

A Random Fact


So, how many of you know how the Wedgwood China industry was started?

Josiah Wedgwood, who lived in the late 1700's, had smallpox as a child. He survived, but it left his hands and legs too weak to work the pottery wheels in his family's business. So he instead turned to designing pottery, which he proved very good at. From there he went on to study the techniques used in making pottery, and made several brilliant improvements to the process. With his guidance, the family business grew and became extremely prosperous and well-respected, and Josiah died one of the richest men in the world. Wedgwood is still considered some of the best china there is.

And all because a child had smallpox. Isn't providence hilarious sometimes?


Mama Squirrel said...

Well, Larry Fine got started playing the violin as therapy because his arm was burned as a child. .

Nyuk nyuk.

ithchick said...

I had to do a five minute speech once, so yes I knew that, plus lots more. If you search for Wedgwood china online, you can get some beautiful pictures.

Terms Of Endearment said...

Interesting, I actually wrote a paper (well, half a paper) about good ole Josiah just last semester. Talk about overcoming odds...