October 24, 2005

Christ is the Treasure I Desire


This is one of the more beautiful hymns ever written. It is my theme song, as well as today's copywork. The words are writing of the highest order-- simple yet deep, personal yet universal. The tune is lush and melodic with a folk-song feel, which suits the song wonderfully, and the harmony is subtle and original. I wish y'all could hear it-- please do check and see if it's in your hymnals.

Christ is the Treasure I Desire

Jesus is all I wish or want,
For Him I pray, I thirst, I pant;
Let others after earth aspire,
Christ is the treasure I desire.

Possessed of Him, I ask no more
He is an all-sufficient store.
To praise Him all my powers conspire--
Christ is the treasure I desire.

If He His smiling face but hide
My soul no comfort has beside.
Distressed, I after Him inquire--
Christ is the treasure I desire.

And while my heart is racked with pain,
Jesus appears and smiles again.
Why should my Savior thus retire?
Christ is the treasure I desire.

Come, humble souls, and view His charms
Take refuge in His loving arms,
And sing, while you his worth admire,
"Christ is the Savior I desire."

--Author unknown, music by Benjamin White

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I do not think the tune does the poetry justice. Not that I dislike the tune, but it could be better. I love singing this song though. It is so sincere and passionate. A wonderful song to lift up before Christ, and to remind us of the covenant we have made with Jesus to serve Him with affection and adoration.