September 8, 2005

Introductions, proper... and otherwise

Queen Shenaynay

September being the time to tackle large bodies of information with fresh zeal and vigor, Great Scot and I have decided to pull up a chair at our dining room table for Emily Post. We've parked my old college copy of her classic, hefty tome on etiquette there, and have commenced eating the etiquette elephant in small bites, so to speak, with the family after dinner.

We began with how one properly introduces people of different ages, genders and rank. I asked Spuddy Buddy to gather a handful of action figures and dollhouse inhabitants for illustration and practice, and he dutifully dumped a motley crew of bedraggled plastic beings next to my plate. We worked out dicey situations such as introducing an elderly woman to a senator, introducing our pastor to the mayor, and so on.

Which brings us to what has to be the Beehive quote of the week.

The Shieldmaiden, wishing to explore a specific social situation and not finding in the pile the correct plastic specimen to suit her immediate need, turned to her small brother, and with great urgency ordered:

"Hurry! Bring me an older man!!!"

Let's just say that essentially ended our etiquette session for that evening.

(As Fa-So-La-La so often reminds us, "Context is everything.")


Laura Kathryn said...

All I can say is: Amen to that.

Lynn Bruce said...

Amen to what, exactly, MM? That context is everything... or bringing the older man?


Laura Kathryn said...

"Let me clarify this." (Don Knotts)
Hurry! Bring me an older man!!!
Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is it about an older man?

fa-so-la-la said...

Oh, it's that maturity, that sufficiency...the drama and romance of someone who has 'seen the world' and still prefers you...the seasoned, settled character instead of the still-forming one....oh dear I wax poetic...