August 7, 2005

What I Did on My Summer Vacation:

I Threw A Conference

Queen Shenaynay

Many Beehive faithful are aware that I am one of the seven Advisory members who have developed the Ambleside Online curriculum. Last weekend, we had a conference here in the Dallas area, which turned out better -- and bigger -- than our wildest dreams. The Lord truly blessed the day, from start to finish.

The other Advisory ladies have had a good time teasing me about my "throwing" this conference. Since I live in the area where the conference was to be held, I wound up doing most of the planning and organizing (a task that kept multiplying as the numbers of pre-registrations doubled, then tripled, beyond our expectations).

Well... so a week before the big day, I was visiting with a couple of friends, one of whom casually asked me what I was doing the next weekend. Before I thought how it would sound, I heard myself saying, "Well, I'm throwing a conference." The lady paused, then turned to her friend and smirked with great comic effect, "Oh, FINE. I throw little tea parties now and then, and you throw a pretty good toddler birthday party... but not Lynn. Oh, noooo. SHE throws a conference."

I really didn't mean it to come out that way, but in retrospect I have to admit it was pretty funny.

The curious can read more about the AO/CM Conference HERE and HERE at Donna-Jean's blog, and see some nifty pics HERE at Leslie Noelani's site. I hope to post some more pictures here shortly.

A big thank you too all who came, and all who have given us such incredible, uplifting and encouraging feedback. We're just glad that you all were at least as blessed by the day as we were.


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

And a very nice conference you throw, indeed. Thank-you so much for being our 'grown up.'=)

X said...

I feel so sorry for you, you know, having to ruin you summer like that.

Lynn Bruce said...

Au contraire, dear fellow! It was the highlight of my summer, and I would even go so far as to say one of the highlights of my life to date -- the rare sort of watershed event that I suspect I'll still be absorbing and delighting in when my rocking chair days come. Very much worth every second of effort it took to pull it off.

Great Scot said...

I note with great pride that The Queen, as well as the other members of the Ambleside Online Advisory, do what they do, and spend the enormous amount of time that AO requires of them, with no intent to receive monetary gain, but to instead, try and help, in their own way, the education and enlightenment of an upcoming generation. The self sacrifice that each of these ladies display is truly inspiring.

Javamom said...

Great post, lynn. Short and sweet, but with the links, it says it all.
I hated missing in so many ways, but am delighted at the way the Lord worked our family's summer pays to obey HIM!

How thoughtful and *perfect* the clay figurines are for each of your families! Wow! I'm impressed. I can't wait to have lunch with you and hear more about it!!

Con CariƱo,

X said...

Wow. I would have never thought the you, queen shenaynay, would have liked the conference. JK. Glad to see that you thought of it as a great highlight of you life. I shall say that I do not think such a thing would be enjoyful for me. Anyway...