August 7, 2005

A Gift

Queen Shenaynay

Lisa E, a lovely Ambleside Online mom, brought to the AO/CM Conference a set of clay figures for each of the Advisory members, made by her very talented daughter. Each of us received a representation of our own family -- I don't know how Lisa figured out what we all looked like before she even met us, but she did a wonderful job of putting clues together!

Lisa took the inspiration for the figures for my family from a blog entry here at the Beehive: my poem Braided.

You can see Wendi's gift here, Donna-Jean's here, and Leslie Noelani's here.

Thank you, Lisa! And please pass along a big thank you hug to the very sweet and gifted Miss Ector!


Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

You are most welcome!! It is a small gift to thank you all for such an enormous job you do for us!

X said...

That is some awesome stuff.