August 18, 2005

Sing, con allegria!

Please, please do go read this timely essay at the National Review. It's a subject very dear to our hearts here at the Beehive.

Go on, we'll wait.

* * * * * * * *

Now then, start life over with better rules. Surprise your friends and neighbors by singing at odd moments. We do, always have, and we can reassure you up front that it's usually a good thing. It's cheerful and affirming and diverting and... normal. Not average, mind you, not anymore... but it IS normal. The rest of the world may have waxed abnormal in this regard, but that doesn't mean we have to.

Singing makes the world a better place.


Tim said...

I think that says all that needs to be no comment but, "Amen!"

TheHeadGirl said...

That was a wonderful essay.

I'll just add another "Amen!"

Laura Kathryn said...

One always hears the comment "musicals are so unrealistic!" I beg to differ. They happen frequently at our home and among many of our acquaintance.
Excellent article.

ithchick said...

Exactly, multifarious me! Our house(named Greensborough, virtual M&Ms to any who can explain why this is connected to the singing subject and why we named our home that) IS a musical. It contains all the necessary elements: great characters, good plot, humor, wonderful spontaneous musical numbers including improvised dancing(music can be anything from real musicals to Beach boys, Caedman's Call, Sacred Harp, folk songs, Bob Dylan, etc... We've found that full sections of concertos, symphonies, and movie soundtracks can be sung in two or three parts and sound great:-)conflicts, resolutions, and (of course) a great love story.

I feel genuinely sorry for people who don't live musicals. The kids I babysit think I'm nuts, and I pity them for being unused to unforseen bursts of song. Those bursts are especially great in three parts in icecream parlors with the Beehive folks. ;-) I fully intend to "sing Halleluiah" with ya'll till kingdom come.


ithchick said...

that post before is pippi, not ithilienprincess. I'm such a procrastinator. I STILL have not gotten myself in right.


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I loved that essay! Linked to it, linked to your blog (again), sang a song of thanksgiving for writers like Jpod and friends like you!