August 8, 2005

Pasta Jollies

Queen Shenaynay

Happiness reigns in the Beehive tonight.

After a couple of weeks of not really cooking much because of the conference, I got in a great big culinary mood this afternoon. Made a huge pan of killer lasagna -- 15 beautiful, bubbly layers of earthly bliss. I love making lasagna -- it's such a lovely bit of earth mama ritual -- but for whatever reason, I haven't done so in several years. Smelling that luscious aroma wafting out of the oven, I can't imagine why.

Vivaldi's Concerti for 2 Mandolins is on the stereo, our tummies are full, and we're in nirvana around here.

The Beehive denizens are all off in cozy corners, purring and happy, curled up with books.

Pasta may well be the key to happiness. I need to remember that. And jog more.


polemic turtle said...

Wow, sounds better than pills in a bottle! For some reason I couldn't get past the thought of a freshly tilled garden when you said "earthly". Sorry about that. :-| ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Androphenese said...


Lynn Bruce said...

Yeah, promise4, and like I keep telling you, you need more of that. ;-)

There's a whole lot of it left over, y'know... and it's always better the next day... should I preheat the oven?

polemic turtle said...

Are you suggesting expedited shipping? I could go for that right now.. :-)

ithchick said...

Pasta is food fit for kings.

X said...

Amen to that.