May 11, 2005

Biology at Neiman Marcus

Queen Shenaynay

FaSoLaLa is good to have around for dry, pithy quotes.

Last night, whilst observing the retail carnival that is Neiman Marcus, she made useful application of what she has been studying in Biology:

"These models are too small to contain everything that's supposed to be inside them."

[Disturbing thought, actually, considering the legions of cosmetic surgeons who lurk about these parts... exactly what are they doing in those places? *hears the Stepford Wives theme song*]


Mama Squirrel said...

That is very funny for anyone who's been watching the new Doctor Who episodes--the last two were about great big aliens "hiding inside" human-size bodies, using some kind of a compression device to squeeze themselves in; unfortunately it caused some kind of a "compression exchange" problem for the aliens, noticeably a lot of...vertething.

Mama Squirrel is blushing under her furry face for being so indelicate.

Thermodude said...

Hahaha, you know that connecting school with the real world is sometimes scary and exciting.