September 11, 2006

5 things

q. shenaynay

I think I got tagged somewhere for the Five Things meme sometime in August. So I'm tardy. Who cares?

5 Things in My Refrigerator

garlic stuffed olives
almond butter
carrot juice
three almost empty jars of salsa
basil pesto

5 Things in My Closet

six hatboxes (with hats inside)
three quirky caftans (nirvana)
a stash of blank journals (hope springs eternal)
a portrait of my mother at 18 (beautiful)
hidden gifts (woops)

5 Things in My Purse/Backpack

my PDA
a tiny composition book
an Incredibles pinchlight
a pocketknife
an excessive selection of Origins lip gloss

5 Things in My Car

The Car Library: 2 hymnals, a dictionary, a Bible, and Norton's Anthology of English Lit.
a hat and sunscreen
on audio: sermons, the Bible, Winnie the Pooh stories, and P.G. Wodehouse books
granola bars and Altoids
hairbrushes, as many as five at a time (umm, we have a lot of hair)

Tagging everyone.


Cimmanim said...

oh dear. we're all tagged?

rachel tsunami said...

forget it. who can compete with garlic stuffed olives?

Lynn Bruce said...

YOU, m'dear, with your amazing homemade mustard!

Calamity Jane said...

Oh, yum. Y'all are always eating (and making) the most delicious sounding food. I did this meme about a month ago without being tagged by anyone - can I pretend that counts?

The Car Library is marvelous!

Nardo said...

How wonderful to find another hat addict like myself!

Lynn Bruce said...

Ooooh ooooh oooh... yay! Do you wear them to church, Leah?

Deeapaulitan said...

Hats are a personal obsession of mine as well. I don't look good in them though. I have passed on most of mine to my youngest, who not only looks good in them, but is unrecognizable without one.

Anonymous said...

What is a caftan? Like an afghan? Seriously...I really don't know.

Life is better in the South said...

Never had a garlic stuffed olive. Sounds delicious...and I love the idea of the Norton's anthology in the car!

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band said...

Hurrah for altoids!!!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Could we say a caftan is kind of like a mu-mu only much more stylish?

And I now feel able to confess that when we cleaned the van last week we brought in 9 brushes and 2 combs?