April 23, 2005

Verbal Oddments

Queen Shenaynay

The Beehive denizens observed a number of linguistic earth-wobbles this past week:

"Quick, put the Army in a gallon zippie!"
(Time for dinner, and Spuddy Buddy's plastic army men were all over the table.)

"I just poured the water over the entire area.
There was no way to keep it off the sailboats."

(A friend, describing a laundry tactic intended to remove purple berry stains but not the cute little red appliques.)

"Healing sauce."
(Spuddy Buddy, when asked what substance he was squeezing copiously on his blistered heel. Neosporin should consider him for their ad department.)

"And now, I will tell you a hard piece of math!"
(Spuddy Buddy again, entertaining the tribe by launching into a demonstration of the wonders he has figured out regarding 10, such as "10 + 30 = 40." We are just so proud of his powers of self-discovery, but our literary sensibilites are shocked by the notion of Math As Storytelling. And how enticing to learn that it can be broken -- though we should prefer shattered -- into pieces. However, we are not so shocked that they would be hard pieces.)

High Speed Internet
Ballroom for Rent

(Prime example of anachronistic juxtaposition, seen on a billboard.)

Can't wait for next week's wobbles.


No-one said...

Those are great, though I must say Spuddy Buddy has the best. I ask again, why not let him color his converse. You might get a masterpiece. :)

lurkeeloo said...

SpuddyBuddy seems to have a firm grasp of the profound. You wrote: "but our literary sensibilites are shocked by the notion of Math As Storytelling."

During my college days a few years back I was compelled to take a class in environmental philosphy. While the class was designed for the most part to compliment the professors' sense of self-importance, I was able to glean a few jewels; ......One was his observation that mathmatics is the purest form of communication and is philosophy in its most basic form. I don't know how long it took professor to learn this. Did he learn it as a mere undergrad? Did he first concieve and pen it for his disertation? Or, did he arrive at this conclusion as a wisened, albeit self-focused and somewhat pompus, professor. Whatever the case, it was obvious that he was quite pleased with himself when he made his pronouncement to my eager class. I know I was impressed! But how deflated his sense of self-importance would be if he knew 4 year old Spuddy-Buddy has always known about math as communication and philosophy.