April 13, 2005

The Pleasant Places


We are reading Wind in the Willows aloud as a family in the evenings, and I am in awe. This book is beautiful in every sense of the word. Here is a section that we read last night that I thought was especially insightful and lovely---

"As he hurried along, eagerly anticipating the moment when he would be at home again among the things he knew and liked, the Mole saw clearly that he was an animal of tilled field and hegerow, linked to the ploughed furrow, the frequented pasture, the lane of evening lingerings, the cultivated garden plot. For others the asperities, the stubborn endurance, or the clash of actual conflict, that went with Nature in the rough; he must be wise, must keep to the pleasant places in which his lines were laid and which held adventure enough, in their way, to last a lifetime."

May we all have the wisdom to keep to the pleasant places in which our lines are laid.


ithilienprincess said...

I love Moley, he is one of my favorite characters in fiction. He is so refreshingly common. As Chesterton says, the common has all the glory.

Anonymous said...

This is Katwoman

we have been trying to name our school for Rebeccca's diploma. My vote was The School at Mole End, but I was overrun. :-(