March 25, 2005

Referential Relief

Queen Shenaynay

For any of our Gentle Readers who could only wonder at the literary reference in the title of Fa-So-La-La's recent blog entry on haiku, such poetic anxieties may be assuaged by a brief visit with Keats. Go on, now: click on it and you will learn something today. Recommended reading for all Beehive scholars and friends. Epiphanies are Good Things.

And those who faced similar shortcomings in identifying the literary reference which the Queen so casually dropped in her comments to that entry (to wit: "give the others a chance to exhibit") may find relief, as so often is the case around the Beehive, emanating from the hallowed pen of Jane Austen.

We hope these clues provide sufficient remedy for all unresolved anxieties we may have inflicted upon our Gentle Readers. Oh, but stick around: there will surely be more. Such fun -- !

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Thermocryptphobianism said...

Hmmmm....We'll be seeing you some time to be sure.