March 17, 2005

Emily Dickenson on Irresistible Grace


This poem is one of many written about this time in Dickenson's life that deals with this subject-- it makes me think that she must have had an experience of grace sometime around then. It's one of my favorites.

Why do I love You, Sir?
The Wind does not require the Grass
To answer- Wherefore when he pass
She cannot keep Her place.

Because He knows- and
Do not You-
And We know not-
Enough for Us
The Wisdom it be so-

The Lightning- never asked an Eye
Wherefore it shut-when He was by-
Because He knows it cannot speak-
And reasons not contained-
-Of Talk-
There be preferred by Daintier Folk-

The Sunrise- Sir- compelleth Me-
Because He's Sunrise- and I see-
Therefore- Then-
I love Thee-

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X-ON Designer said...

Love Emily Dickenson's poems. She is one of the only poets that I like. (Mabye thats thanks to the Queen) :)