February 28, 2005

The Latest Spuddy Buddy-ism

Yesterday on the way home from Tyler we stopped at paradise (more commonly known as the Old Navy outlet). Spuddy Buddy has grown a ton in the last few weeks so we got him a couple of T shirts, and one of them was a camouflage shirt. He is very,very proud of it, and this morning he told me, "Today, I'm gonna wear my camouflage shirt and my camouflage pants, and then I'll be so camouflaged that no one will notice me!"

Yeah, right. :-)


X-ON Designer said...

I have to say Fa-so-la that you are going out of your ordinary trend. But how do you have so much time on your hands? Oh yes, easy teacher. :)

X-ON Designer said...

Oh yes, tell spuddy that I like how he thinks.

Queen Shenaynay said...

Darkside, "easy teacher" here. Fa-So-La-La's academic life is quite cushy, I guess... She is currently covering, at rough count, about 16 school subjects each week. She has assigned reading in at least a dozen respectably difficult books at all times, not counting her "free reading" (which is where she squeezes in her addictions to the likes of Chesterton, Lewis and Austen). And that doesn't include all the mental gymnastics her grandfather, father and I put her through on a regular basis in conversation.

Wonder what her academic life would be like if she had a HARD teacher? ;-)

X-ON Designer said...

A nice life. She would only have a few subjects that she would work hours on instead of minutes and then she would be free. Kind of like how I do it. Well at first she wouldn't be free because the few subjects took so long to do. But after a while she would figure out how to get it done quicker which would be faster. Just Joking. I know she has a hard teacher. I was just giving her a hard time. What irony.

Sir Lantz Alot said...

On the school issue, while I am sure that the sheer number of subjects can run someone into the ground, more mentally than phisically. But there is something to be said about the time spent outside of school reflecting what you were doing in school, for instance, if you are doing well, you want to do something productive.

see yall this weekend~!